Adventure Palace HD

Adventure Palace HD

One of the most anticipated slot machine games are finally out, courtesy of Microgaming. Adventure Palace is considered as a classic slot. The game is known to almost every gambler out there, who knows their way around the slot machine. Adventure palace was especially known for its more than handsome payouts. Now all of this is back in an improved version, Adventure palace HD.

The game brings back nostalgia in us die-hard adventure palace fans. The game will be loved by the adventure palace veterans and newcomers alike and mostly due to its generous payouts but also because of stunning game mechanics and breathtaking visuals.

The graphics are seamless and the visuals crisp, a perfect recreation of the tropical world we’ve already fallen in love with and the perfect platform to make your fortunes on. The soundtrack of the game is incredibly amazing. The new score is in line with the original soundtrack of the game. Microgaming has done a wonderful to ensure that original feel of the game still exists.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics have largely been left untouched; which is great and that’s what makes Adventure Palace so special. This 5 reel, 9 line game in widescreen format is a completely unique experience. The new console makes the game customizable and the re-master has made the game play incredibly smooth.
The game play is also pretty much the same, elephant wild will be your substitute and double the wining, but scatter is an exception and cannot be substituted. Getting 3, 4, or 5 palace scatter will trigger 15 free spins for you and all your wins will be tripled. It was bold on Microgaming’s part to keep these amazing bonuses and incentives while recreating the game.

It is a fun game that has created quite a lot of memorable experiences for people. Hopefully it will surpass its predecessor’s fame and stardom, which a lot of fans are expecting.

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