How to choose a Safe Online Casino to play Slots

How to choose a Safe Online Casino to play Slots

Over the last ten years the Internet has exploded with online gaming. The good news for consumers is more competition means more benefits for the customers such as higher bonuses and machines with higher paybacks. However, how do you know which casino is safe to play at?

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One of the first things you want to verify is that the casino uses an RNG program for all of their slot machines. An RNG insures that the machines are completely random and unbiased. Even more important than the casino saying they use RNG technology is it needs to be verified by a third party with the results posted for everyone to see. There are qualified companies that test the programs that casinos use to make sure they are fair, e.g. eCogra at Casino … This is a must when you choose a casino.

Country of Origin

Find out where the internet casino is based. Just because it is online doesn’t mean it should not be based in a country that regulates their online casinos. Some countries do a very good job overseeing online gaming businesses and some don’t. The casino should be registered and licensed in a reputable country that provides strict regulations and enforces those regulations.

How long have they been in business?

This isn’t a fool proof method, but if a gaming company has been around for a while it is probably reputable. When online casinos first went online it was a bit like the Wild West. You took your chances and prayed you weren’t being ripped off. Things have changed and many of the scam artists have been exposed and run off the Internet. If a company has made it online for a number of years that usually means its reputation is pretty solid.