Jurassic Park™ Slot – A Safe ‘n’ Fun Choice

Jurassic Park™ Slot – A Safe ‘n’ Fun Choice

In the summer of 1993, most people were lined up at the box office to be able to see the special effects present in Jurassic Park the movie. In 2014, we are going to have high rollers flock to their computers to play Jurassic Park™ the slot game, courtesy of Microgaming.

Jurassic Park is the latest entrant in the long line of games by Microgaming. The game features 243 different ways to win, five reels, and it is possible to start your bets at 0,30 – small enough for even newcomers to want to give the game a shot. If you are a veteran player and like to win big, you are going to want to bet the maximum each time though, especially since Jurassic Park has a maximum jackpot of 95,000.

Audio and visual

Everyone may remember the groundbreaking audio and video, and Jurassic Park the slot game is no different. It has Parallax Scrolling play that really immerses you during your playing time. You can experience every prehistoric danger in 3D detail. The audio really draws you in as well and you should expect many of the same sights and sounds that you probably remember from the movie.

Different dinosaurs

The game would not be Jurassic Park if it did not have a number of different dinosaurs. These are represented in the different bonus rounds and include the Tyrannosaurus Rex (meaning you are guaranteed a Reel Wild win), Velociraptor (Free Spins with Wild Multipliers or Split Wilds feature), Brachiosaurus (12 Free Spins with a Mystery Multiplier), Triceratops (Re-spins, Random Stack Nuggets and Running Wilds™ feature) and the Dilophosaurus (12 Free Spins with Winning Wilds).

The game is scheduled to be released in August. From everything that we have seen so far, we know that Jurassic Park is going to be a major hit for Microgaming, just another one in a long line of successful movie tie-ins that the company has done.

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