Play Slots on the Safe Side!

Play Slots on the Safe Side!

Always Have a Plan When Playing Slots

If you sit down to play a slot machine without any thought as to a money management system, you are probably heading towards failure. Slot machines can be a lot of fun, but without much thought to how much money you are going to play usually ends in losing more than you intended.

Session bankroll

A bankroll is an amount of money that you intend to spend on gambling. Keep it separate from your other money and make sure it is money you can afford to lose. Anytime you sit down to play slots you should have a session bankroll. The amount of money you have for your session bankroll should also determine the denomination you are playing at. In other words, if you have a session bankroll of $10 you should not be playing the $1 denomination slot machines.

Also, use length of play as a gauge to your denomination and session bankroll as well. Although it’s impossible to predict whether a player will win or lose in a particular session, it is possible to make decisions based on averages. A good marker to use is 150 spins per hour. That means if you want to play for one hour you need to have enough money to spin 150 times. If a slot machine costs $2 per spin, you would need $300 to play for an hour. Again, that is just a baseline to give you a good starting point.

Win Limits

We have already determined our loss limit and that is our session bankroll. We lose that money and we are finished playing for that session. There needs to be a win limit set as well or else you will never walk away with any money. The most common is the double method. If you double your money, you put the winnings away not to be used and continue playing on the original bankroll. Each time you double your money, repeat the same pattern.

Make sure you have some type of money management system in place before you begin playing any slot machine.