Put on Your Armor and Defend Your House by Playing the Game of Thrones Slot Machine!

Put on Your Armor and Defend Your House by Playing the Game of Thrones Slot Machine!

The HBO series Game of Thrones has become popular across the masses. With high flying dragons, knights in shining metal armor, and kings/queens posted high up in their castle, this show ignites our imagination while providing a sense of realism. The new virtual slot machine, which is based around the Game of Thrones TV show, is capturing the hearts of all G.O.T. fans almost just as quickly.

Upon your entrance into Westeros, the world where Game of Thrones takes place, you are given two ways to play the slots. You can play the 15 lines game for only $0.15/spin or you can play the 243 ways game for just $0.30/spin.

Battle your way through any four of the Game of Thrones houses when you land on 3 scatter cards that reveal the legendary throne symbol. Each of the four houses provides individual amounts of free spins, multipliers, and stacked wild cards.

Take a chance on the House Baratheon and receive 8 free spins, a stack of three symbol cards, and a 5x multiplier. For a higher amount of free spins, walk on through the House Targaryen where you’ll face the dragon’s fire with 18 free spins. You’ll also receive a 2x multiplier and a stack of 6 symbol cards.

For something in the middle, step into the wintery scene of House Stark with a 3x multiplier, a stack of 5 symbol cards and 14 free spins. For a higher amount of multipliers, partake in the loyalty of a knight at the House Lannister with a 4x multiplier, 10 free spins, and a stack of 4 symbol cards.

During your session, wild cards may appear. These are meant to help you earn fast cash. If two Iron Throne wild cards appear, a dragon’s egg will pop up and display a cash prize for you to take! Choose to gamble that money while walking along a treacherous trail or save it and carry on with your mission.

Make your decisions carefully, you never know when your money could be burned by a dragon or stolen by a knight!