Responsible Gambling

Untreated gambling problems can negatively affect your personal and professional life. To make sure you avoid such consequences, please remember the main rules of responsible gambling.


– Plan out your gambling expenses, and never spend more money than you originally intended.

– Plan out your time schedule – uncontrollably long gambling sessions can easily lead to problems.

– Always keep a cool head. If you are winning, think about a wise time to stop. If you are losing, don’t try to win back the losses with increased bets. Stay under your spending limit and stop when necessary.

– Gambling is a form of entertainment. Keep your expectations low: gambling will not earn you another paycheck or miraculously solve your financial problems.

– Gambling is a game of chance. The use of betting strategies does not guarantee a win.


If you feel that you might have a gambling problem, please seek help in the adequate organisations in your local community. For online help, please visit:

Gamblers Anonymous

National Council on Problem Gambling

Not sure if you have a gambling problem or not? This anonymous self-assessment survey could give you an answer.


Procedures for Self-exclusion

If you have a gambling problem, an easy way to regain control is to activate a procedure for self-exclusion. This method is available at many casinos and will restrict your access to a chosen online casino for a specific amount of time. Detailed options can vary from one online casino to another, so please remember to view the information on their websites.


Casino Limitations and Minor Policy

Online gambling is strictly prohibited to minors. To be eligible for playing at online casinos featured on Safe Online Casino, you must be:

–          A member of a jurisdiction in which online gambling is not prohibited

–          A person who is over 18 years old, and has reached a majority of age in his or hers jurisdiction.

Online Casinos reserve the right to ask for a proof of age. Winnings acquired by ineligible persons will usually be nullified.