How do Welcome Bonuses work?

How do Welcome Bonuses work?

If you are thinking about trying your hand at an online casino then there is potentially a great way to feel like you have won before you even place a bet. Many online casinos will offer punters the opportunity to get cash, in the form of a welcome bonus, when they join up.

Welcome bonuses can vary greatly from casino to casino; however, one of the most common bonuses will be in the form of matching a player’s initial deposit. For welcome bonuses of this nature, there are two main things to be aware of: firstly, whether or not there is a multiplier attached to the bonus. For example, some casinos may offer to match 100% of your initial deposit, whereas others may even offer to match 200%, or even more. Secondly, most welcome bonuses will come with a maximum limit of how much of the initial deposit will be matched.

Occasionally, casinos may have a variety of different welcome bonuses on offer, so it is worth checking out what is available before you sign up. If this is the case, then you may be asked to enter a code which will be used to indicate which of the bonuses you wish to take part in.

As you would expect, there are normally conditions attached to the welcome bonuses which affect how and when you can withdraw the money. Some casinos may release the bonus in incremented amounts as you play, whilst others provide the whole bonus to play with at once; however, players will normally need to earn the bonus based how much they pay in rake – which is the small amount of commission that the casino takes on bets that are places.

Ultimately, welcome bonuses are a great way for new players to have extra cash to play with at the tables and can turn out to be very profitable when used wisely.

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